Greece Holidays

Trips to the Greek islands are very popular by all walks of life – singles, couples, groups, and families with kids. Tourists will find a multitude of historical sites, cultural landmarks and museums, but also countless dining places with Greek foods and wines, which come together with a very lively ambiance in the evenings! The contemporary western theatre, literature, philosophy, and political system have been experimented millenniums ago by notable Greeks such as Aristotle, Pythagoras and others. Greece is also one of the most favorite travel places in Europe for beach holidays.

greece holidaysGreece Holiday Destinations

Many Greek holiday destinations provide fantastic packages and some of the popular tourist sites of Greece are located on islets such as Chios, Corfu, Crete, Ios, Kefallinia, Kos, Milos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Rhodes, Samos, and Santorini.


Choosing where to go in Greece is not so easy. Greece is a true tourist gem located in southeastern Europe and a popular summer holiday destination. Neighbored by the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean seas, and having the tenth longest coastal line in the world, Greece is a charming travel place for relaxation and fun during the scorching summer months.


Together with continental part, visitors can also visit the many charming islands. The weather is different in different regions. On the islets, you will find a mostly Mediterranean climate with wet, mild winters and hot summers. The mainland is predominantly a climate with cold winters and dry, very warm summers.

Greece Holiday Packages

Greece is a top tourist destination for the many visitors seeking a delightful summer holiday in the Mediterranean. There are no lack of resorts on both the continental part and Greek islands.
The immense number of hotels providing attractive holiday deals frequently confuses many travelers looking for holidays to Greece. Greece holiday packages draw millions of international travelers every year.


In the northern part of the country, you will find Halkidiki, and end with the many islands in Aegean Sea in the southern part. Many holiday seekers come back year after year to the delightful Greek seashores. You will find that every package is designed to indulge visitors and offered at very convenient prices.

Holiday packages to Corfu, Crete, and Rhodes with hotel and flights at prices affordable to every budget. Furthermore, resorts that offer these low-cost deals (some with all-inclusive services) are largely of four or five stars, and therefore every tourist will find a proper resort to take delight in an unforgettable holiday.


Some of the most appealing holiday destinations to stay are Hotel Leda Pelion and Hotel Poseidon Beach Preveza. Many four-star resorts offer low-cost holidays to Greece such as Marilena Hotel on island of Crete, set nearby to the capital city of Heraklion. The hotel dominates the beach and possesses a wide variety of services and amenities such as a swimming pool, bars, and various holiday activities.

Luxury Greece Holidays

For a high-class Greek hotel experience, travelers should visit the island of Rhodes. Some international travelers rank it as the most rewarding holiday destination in Mediterranean.
Obviously, there are many other fantastic tourist sites to book Greek holidays, located on both mainland and the islets. Ultimately, choosing a luxury holiday in this peerless country is based entirely on your requirements and budget.


The town of Edipsos, on the island of Evia, brings you the ultimate luxury: the palatial Hotel Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness. This five-star resort has an intriguing shape and offers fabulous panoramas to the north area of Evoic Gulf. Its plentiful facilities include swimming pools, business center, bar, restaurant and spa services guaranteeing complete relaxation.


Five star resorts are not hard to find in Greece. Just a few to mention are holiday retreats such as Hotel Imaret in Kavalla, Hotel Andronis Suites, and Hotel Larissa Imperial.

ancient greece holidaysAncient Greece Holidays

Crete, also known as Piraeus, is the country’s largest island and is in the southern region of the Mediterranean. Its travel center is on the north shore, still nature lovers look into pristine areas and find fantastic pre-Christian historic remains and remarkable local traditions especially in the southern extremity.


Tourists will find an abundance of historic sights and well-preserved city ruins and temples throughout the country. You will find major invasions of Greece throughout the centuries, mixed with Roman and Ottoman art and architecture.


Make sure you visit the old Acropolis, the Parthenon, and Agora in Athens, Statue of Zeus, and Colossus of Rhodes. Hundreds of museums will make your ancient Greece holiday something to remember for years to come.

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