Greece Accommodation

Exceptional beach resorts dotted with comfortable apartments, villas and hotel chains, featuring every imaginable amenity, are easy to find along 8,000 miles coastline. Greece accommodation  boasts of as many as 670,000 beds dispersed around 352,000 accommodation rooms in more or less 9,000 hotels. Besides hotels, visitors can also find typical Greece accommodation in private apartments, homes, villas, or rooms let by the Greek National Tourism Organization.

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Greece Accommodation: Hotels

Why choose a luxury hotel over self-catering accommodation, or cheaper all-inclusive resort? Your family will experience outstanding facilities in Greece’s luxury hotels. These hotels boost with top amenities and ensure an unforgettable holiday. However, there are many things you should consider when choosing a hotel. What are the facilities like? Is there any building work going on? Can you bring children? What kind of rooms are there? Is it close to what you’ve come to see? If you are traveling with teenagers that want some freedom in the sun-filled Mediterranean your best bet is a good family hotel. In Piraeus, you will find many budget hotels to book at the last minute. This port city is the main gateway to the Greek Islands and offers a wide variety of Greece accommodation.

Greek House Hotel – Nos Marmars – Greece


Greece Accommodation: Apartments

Vacation rentals in Greece typically offer guests the same luxury and amenities as a popular resort, at a budget price. Usually, vacation rentals are small homes or apartments rented to visitors on a short-term basis. This highly affordable accommodation option started in Greece. Holiday apartment rentals are so popular that you need to book your stay well in advance.

You will find two types of vacation rentals. Either establishment owners are renting their own space out or you may find accommodation via a travel agency. Your next question to address is, “What type of rental would suit you best?

You can avoid paying booking fees to the agency by booking your apartment directly with the owner. The benefit is you speak directly with the owner. They know the property and being able to speak to the local, you may have a more rewarding holiday stay.

Greece Accommodation: Resorts

A luxury holiday in Greece is not complete without visiting the local spa for that a pampering session. You will find plenty of activities and watersports ranging from exhilarating waterskiing escapades to peaceful canoeing.

Every resort has its own unique attraction. If you are after a super luxurious holiday, you may want to find a resort that features luxury in their exclusivity of providing their rooms with Jacuzzi, treadmill, fitness equipment or relaxing spa.

tourist attractionsDepending on your own unique situation, you may prefer quiet and tranquility above watersports. The fact is there is a place in the sun for everyone! For honeymooners an outdoor Jacuzzi will bring that extra touch of romance, while watching the famous spectacular sunsets of Greece.

You may also decide on a resort with meandering paths through olive trees and lemon groves. Yes, you will even find that quiet space that is very different from the popular party resorts. Get away from everything in a traditional Greek village and experience true Greek culture.

Our top five luxury resorts are:

The Blue Palace Resort and Spa
Yria Resort
St. Nicholas Bay Resort

Greece Accommodation: Villas

To maintain privacy to some degree you may prefer to rent a holiday villa for your Greece holiday. One can enjoy state of the art amenities in these villas and this is the reason why the popularity of Villa rental in Greece is increasing rapidly. The rate of Holiday villas in Greece may vary depending upon various factors.

You will find many holiday villas to rent around popular destinations in Greece. To find the perfect villa is a two-step process. First decide upon your destination and then compare the available villas to get the one that best suit your needs.

It is time to consider renting a holiday villa if the hustle and bustle of the major hotels is an issue. Eating breakfast quietly on your patio and relaxing by the private pool is the making of an idyllic holiday.

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