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Greece is one of the most visited tourist places in Europe cultural inspired holidays, summer vacations and winter breakaways. The Hellenic Republic sits in the southern part of Balkan Peninsula and is made up of a part set on Europe’s mainland and a very large number of islets, from which a few are stopover for the multitude of cruises organized in Mediterranean Sea.
The Greek Islands, covering an immense surface in Mediterranean Sea, draw millions of foreign tourists particularly in the peak season of summer holidays.

Greece Holidays

If are mother-nature lover then the must- visit-place is Southern Greece or the Peninsula of Peloponnesos. The picturesque beauty combined with its classical appearance will definitely make you fall in love with the place at first sight.

Greece HolidaysSki vacation and holiday packages are readily available and are perfect a winter Greece holiday. There are many cultural and seasonal activities attractive to single tourists, visiting couples and families from around the world. There are spectacular holiday events throughout December and January and the skiing is magnificent throughout February and sometimes well into April. The atmosphere is comfortable and heartwarming and the tours throughout Greece are spectacular and peaceful during this time of year.

Moving further with our Greece travel guide, you will be surprised to know that though Greece is famous for its history, romance and classical beauty, it also a lively and exciting modern country. Keep also in mind that it is the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Greece Accommodation

Next comes, staying in Greece. Finding good and comfortable hotel accommodation in Greece is not difficult. You can opt for two, three, four, five star hotels or can go for resorts, airy apartments, or luxurious villas. Self-catering holiday apartments in Athens are very popular.
Services and hospitality, is unquestionable and mix that with Greece warm-natured hospitality and you have a holiday made in heaven. Rest assured wherever your Greece adventure takes you, you will find holiday accommodation to suite your taste and budget. Greece is home to some of the best self-catering holiday accommodation in Europe.

Greece AccommodationTalking about foods, when indigenous tradition cuisine is mixed with foreign taste, it makes for an unique combination. The Greek diet mainly includes seafood, beef, pork, chicken and even vegetables, herbs, grains. Stir-fried lambs or sushi is quite famous. Bread and wine are common for dinner.

Greece Tourist Attractions

Normally, you would think that Greece should be visited only during summer. This, however, is totally wrong. Greece is not all about islands and beaches. Greece has great cultural heritage as well. Western civilization started, about 3000 years ago, in Ancient Greece. Remnants of this civilization are evident today practically all over Greek territory.

Donkey rides are a great tourist attraction in GreeceWhile considering the best thing to do in Greece, the foremost thing is to program an itinerary for the capital city of Greece, Athens. The city constitutes of several famous attractions from the parliament building at the Syntagma Square to the Acropolis.

Athens has world-class museums and the Benaki Museum and the National Archaeological Museum are well worth visiting. Touring the museums will further give a understating and insight into the various historic attractions of Greece. In addition, it is possible to go to the ancient agora and visit the Kallimarmaron stadium to experience the place where the prehistoric Panathenaic games took place.

Watching the Hellenic festival and the popular Thessaloniki international is the next best thing to do in Greece. In the Hellenic festival the dance and musical performances by national and international artists takes place at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

There are also legendary musical concerts and theater performances at the Little Theater of Epidaurus. The Ancient Theater Epidaurus gives an opportunity to see the recreation of the Greeks. The Greece Thessaloniki international film festival is worth seeing. Here the world eminent actors and directors appear to celebrate the emerging international films.

Among all the attractions in Greece, the ruins at Olympia are especially popular. From the city of Pyrgos, you can take a tour of these ruins. It is said to be one of the best tourist attractions in Greece. It was the location for ancient Olympic Games, where you can easily find remnants of the sprinting track and old stadium in addition to the ruins of grand Temple of Zeus. The great Temple of Zeus used to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Greece is a wonderful country with dramatic landscapes and stunning beaches. It has picturesque gorges with soaring mountains and beautiful countryside. Greece boasts various well-known islands including Ithaki Island and Naxos Island. The Ithaki Island is home to the famous Ulysses and possesses little beaches as well as huge fields of olives.

Places to Visit in Greece

  • Athens: A city that became very rich and powerful about 5th century BC. All the wealth and power was demonstrated with a building complex on a rock, dedicated to the Gods. This is how Parthenon was built along with other Temples on the Acropolis. Every year, thousands of people visit Greece for this reason only: To admire one of the greatest temples ever made.
  • Zagoria: A group of small villages connected with twisted roads and stone bridges. This is a place for those who just love great landscapes…. such a great place for trekking. This area is consisted of high mountains, endless rivers and rich flora. You will be wonder-struck when you see that every building is made of stone and in great style.
  • Santorini: Known for its amazing landscape, its black-rock beaches and its white-blue houses. This place is plainly unique in the world. If it’s not in your “must-visit-once-in-my-lifetime” list you have certainly got to put it…

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” ― Anna Quindlen

Wherever your Greece adventure takes you, you are able to stay in holiday rentals to suite all tastes and budgets. Greece is home to some of the best self catering holiday accommodation in Europe.

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